Due to entry of many private players the competition has become fiercer in dairy industry. Hence in order to sustain, dairy firms are offering extension services to their suppliers which helps them build long term relationship. Under these extension services they offer medication to animals through their own network of doctors. This serves a dual purpose for dairy firms i.e. increases loyalty of the farmers and also helps to increase production of animals ultimately supply to dairy. Our PC based software with the dairy firm and android application with the doctors works in synchronization so that dairy firms can monitor the performance of each doctor and animals as well. This ensures them optimum utilization of their investment in extension services. They can also send alerts to farmers via SMS in order to take good care of their animals so as to maximize the production.
How it Works ?

Initially detailed information of animals that a farmer in a particular village belonging to a particular society possesses is recorded. Doctors visit the farmers in their territory on periodic basis, whereby they record all necessary information and services provided to the farmers along with price charged. These services include medication, vaccination, AI/PD/Calving checks, etc. This recorded data is synchronized via internet with the PC software for further monitoring and reporting purposes.

Advantages to Doctors :

This available data enables doctors to schedule their daily visits and activities accordingly. The android application in their device gives them various reports which allows them to keep a follow up of their daily task along with payments due from different farmers. It also gives them their business summary for a particular period.
Advantages to Farmers :

On the other hand farmers receive alerts via SMS mentioning the animals name, id no. and necessary checks to be done such as AI / PD / Calving / Deworming / Possible Heat Occurrences. They also receive alerts if the weight of the calf is less than standard weight gain chart so that they can make necessary changes in nutrition supply in order to get first heat period at desired age. This helps farmers monitor breeding cycle of animals and growth stages of calf in order to achieve maximum possible production.
Advantages to Dairy Firms :

Presently it is very difficult to track whether extension services are properly implemented or not. In our android application, GPS enables dairy firms to monitor the time and location when the data is recorded by the doctor. Also reports such as lactation chart helps them monitor the performance of animals and accordingly they can guide the farmers in decision making. They can also keep a track of the payments and balances of the farmers. Increase in production of farmers ultimately increases the supply to the dairy firm.
Paperless monitoring eliminates the role of data entry operator. The reduced complications in record keeping saves the overall servicing time and reduces time to make payments to the farmers. Software also allows them to monitor and maintain inventory level of drugs, vaccines and fodder to be supplied to farmers. Diseases occurring in a particular region in a particular season can be identified by analyzing the data and necessary preventive actions can be taken. They can forecast the supply of milk in the upcoming period and plan their production and distribution activities accordingly. Dairy firms also have a strong database of farmers which they can use for promoting some events or services. They can send festival messages to farmers so as to build better relations. Also good extension service improves the image of the firm and increases the overall loyalty of farmers towards the firm.

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