E-anifarm is a simple and most user friendly application developed by Shaurya Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. for the purpose of herd management in Dairy Farming. For more convenience this app is also available in regional languages. The android version is most suited for small and medium scale dairy farmers.
How It Works ?

Record :
In dairy farming some of the things remain constant over the period of time. Hence initially farmers are required to record this data as standard set pieces to be used afterwards. This includes registration of animals, Labour and fodder along with their detailed information such as type, subtype, name, charges, etc. After consulting with veterinary doctors we have made available a list of symptoms that needs medical attention and vaccinations to be given at a particular life stage of an animal. Farmers can also add symptoms or change vaccination schedules.
Note down Daily Activities:

After using our application farmers won’t be required to carry the big ledgers for keeping the daily records like milk production per day per shift by each animal, respective sale of milk, AI, PD, calving details, medication and vaccination etc. All these details can be stored in our application in systematic manner with ease.
Production, Reproduction and Health:

Maximum Production is the most desirable output that a farmer expects from an animal. But this production mainly depends upon two most important factors associated with the animal viz. Reproduction cycle and Health of that animal.

1. Reproduction Cycle:

In order to get maximum output from an animal it is very important to maintain optimum intercalving period. Hence timely reproduction cycle is key to the success. Manual tracking of large number of animal is very difficult. Our application helps farmers by giving alerts on breeding checks of animals such as AI, PD and Calving checks, in order to monitor reproduction cycle. Dry off period is very important before calving of an animal in order to have a healthy calf. Improper dry off period may affect the milk production in the next lactation. Hence this app is designed to give reminders of dry off period before expected calving date.

2. Health of an Animal:

A calf needs to be vaccinated in order to protect it from various diseases that may arise at any stage of its lifecycle. We have consulted with veterinary doctors and prepared a schedule for vaccination that reminds farmers of vaccination to be given to an animal at particular age. Farmers can also maintain a record of medication given to animals as per their diagnosis/symptoms. The app also gives alerts for deworming of a particular animal. Simply putting this app helps farmers maintain reproduction cycle and health of an animal in order to obtain maximum output.

Alerts and Reminders :

Animals are core of the dairy farming, hence maintaining health of animals is very important. A good care needs to be taken right from birth and throughout the lifecycle of the animal. Our daily task calendar gives farmers a schedule of dates of AI, PD and calving checks of animals. It also indicates the dates on which an animal needs to be dewormed or vaccinated or insurance is due. Works Schedule for each day will be available with the farmers so that they can plan the activities accordingly which helps them save time and money.
Calf rearing :

To maximize the life time value of an animal it is very important that a calf should be monitored right from its birth so as to start its first heat period as early as possible. In calf rearing section the application compares the actual weight gain chart of calf with the average weight gain chart and gives feedbacks accordingly. If the weight is less, then the farmer can make necessary changes in the nutrition supply of the calf so that actual weight gain chart coincides with average weight gain chart before the standard first heat period.
Check your Accounts :

After recording, scheduling and taking good care of animals, farmers will definitely be expecting some sort of desirable output. This app enables a farmer to monitor these inputs given and outputs produced. We simplify your data and present it in the form of reports that are easy to understand. These reports includes daily income expenses report, milk sale report, animal count report, animal’s lists as per their current state such as pregnant or calving. There is provision for recording other monetary transactions such as insurance and income from sale of manure.
Advantages :

1. Paperless working.
2. Easy to monitor breeding stages of each animal.
3. Easy to monitor all monetary transactions.
4. Wastage of resources can be avoided by organizing all the activities.
5. Simplified analytical reports helps farmers to take necessary corrective actions.

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