For veterinary doctors it is very hectic to keep the record of daily activities along with inventories of medicines, straws and all others. Apart from record keeping they have to schedule daily activities so that farmers won’t miss on important breeding cycles of the animals. Not all the farmers make full payments at the time of service. Hence keeping track of balance payments also becomes very difficult. We use the latest technology to make it easier to run a veterinary practice, so the veterinarians can provide the best possible care for their patients. We help you record your daily activities, schedule them and remind you accordingly. Reminders of balance payments helps you to keep a follow up of farmers for payments. We also provide you some ready reports that help you monitor and manage key activities of your business in the best possible manner.
Master Record :

Initially a database of detailed information of villages, farmers and animals to which the veterinary doctor serves needs to be created. It can be created over the period of time as he serves the patients. He needs to enter all the details of animals such as name, ID mark, age or date of birth, weight, breeding stage, etc. On the other hand doctors will have to register all the drugs and semen straws with their details of form, trade and units. You can also register the suppliers of these drugs.

Record daily Activities :

While on field, doctors can record medication and vaccination given to the animal of a farmer along with complaints received, observations and recorded data like temperature and heart rate. They can also record the drugs given to the animal, its quantity, fees charged, payments done, etc. Future visits can be scheduled so as to appear in the calendar. Expenses on drugs or LN2 refilling needs to be recorded to monitor the outflow of money.

Alerts :

By consulting some veterinary doctors we have set notification standards for various checks such as AI, PD, Calving, Dry off, etc. These standards can be modified by doctors as per local conditions. This helps the application to give notifications for these checks of animals and schedule the activities accordingly. A farmer cannot afford to lose a track of breeding activities of an animal. He needs to be informed about checks and dry out period of animals. Doctors can send an alert SMS to farmers. This helps them build confidence in their customers. Also there is provision for setting reminders for Birthdays, Insurance renewal date and Loan repayment date.
Reports :

In any Business it is very important to keep a track of inflow and outflow of money. We have made a provision for keeping the follow up of payments from farmers which reminds you of collecting payments on a particular day. By using the inputs given on daily basis, the application serves you with various reports on payments and balances of farmers, purchases of drugs and straws, etc. so that you can have an insight of your periodic incomes and expenditures. We are also planning to give doctors insights on diseases occurring in a regions in a particular season by using the data stored by various veterinary doctors. This will help them alert the farmers and plan accordingly to tackle the situations.

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